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The 20 best recipes for your book club taste of home. See more ideas about italian finger foods, finger foods, food. For book club meetings with children in attendance, serve finger foods that will appeal to both kids and adults. Kick off an allitalian meal with the countrys iconic appetizers. Retiring at age 31 as a bilingual political consultant, aimee is now a cookbook author, blogger, recipe developer and inspirational food lover, who lives in nashville, tennessee with her husband and daughter. The italian cuisine has a great range of finger food recipes such as bruschetta, crostini, tapenades, stuffed grapevine leaves and antipastos. Easy appetizers for a book club meeting our everyday life. Italian american cookbook author lidia bastianich, whos accustomed to cooking for a crowd, says a bubbling casserole of shellshaped pasta stuffed with ricotta is something everyone. When it comes to party food, bitesize portions that guests can eat with their hands are the best. Finger foods and drinks aimee fortney is not the perfect cook. We use cookies to enhance your experience, for analytics and to show you offers tailored to your interests on our site and third party sites. Middle eastern food and family are the backdrop of this novel, and this chickpea dip is a great way to bring your bookclub family to the snack table.

Im trying to figure out what to serve about 15 ladies from my book club. At a party, you want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to mingle and move around. Results 1 10 of 36 for italian finger italian club finger sandwiches recipe. Italy has a long tradition of finger foods, tasty morsels to grab on the go. Bruschetta fig finger food type stuff for afternoon ladies book club appetizers, ingredients, tuna food and drink cooking, cuisine, meat, vegetables, restaurants, diet, prices, allergies. When placed in the oven for five to 10 minutes, a wheel of brie cheese becomes deliciously warm and gooey. Mix and match these recipesplates of grilled polenta, stuffed zucchini and. Great as a display or for carpet time discussions on the topic. Each is ready in just 20 minutes or less, making them perfect for a lastminute festive gathering. You have no excuse to not make this stupideasy ragu. We have included recipes not only for the summer, but also for an all day meal, to be served either tepid or cold.

You can buy some really goodquality paper napkins now, so if youre doing finger food for a book club, its fine to use some pretty paper napkins. Chicken 1 pasta 2 cheese 6 chocolate 1 beef 1 dairy 7 fish 4 fruit 2 herbs and spices 5 nuts 1. Book club our original story books, printed and delivered to your door. Italian finger food 49 the italian cuisine has a great range of finger food recipes such as bruschetta, crostini, tapenades, stuffed grapevine leaves and antipastos. Italianamerican cookbook author lidia bastianich, whos. Giada tops crostini with cherry tomatoes and a pesto made of sweet peas. Its best to have finger food, like dips and small cookies or bars for your book club spread.

As a snack or an appetizer, theres nothing quite as light, restorative, and fun as a sampling of italian small bites. This book with the top 100 finger foods has 100 recipes that are very easy to understand with great ingredients that i want to eat them. There are several healthier choices and also choices familiar to kids. If youve got a bunch of hungry guests, this easy appetizer is a crowd pleaser. First we gab and snack while sipping on glasses of wine, then we move into the living room for the book discussion. Ive sort of settled on these items, but will need more.

This book chronicles the trials of an irish family making their way in new york. Italian words for finger include dito, toccare, tastare, palpare and toccare delicatamente. Weve got more italian finger food dishes, recipes and ideas than you can dream of. Not only are these finger food meals healthy, but they are fun and i love love love love absolutely love this book. After trimming the stems off the mushrooms, flip them upside down and tuck some savory favorites inside such as cheese spread, a mixture of veggies and creamy peppercorn dressing, pesto or. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. All those toppings might sound like too much for a finger. Read the suggestions for super fast and easy book club snacks discussion from the chowhound home cooking, appetizer food community. A cute little canape to maximise the flavours of the famous italian. Start the meal off right with these delicious appetizer recipes for dips, finger foods and other tasty bites your guests can nibble on. Finger foods a standard finger food that complements an italian dinner menu, stuffed mushrooms are simple to prepare and usually go over big with guests.

With delicious citrus flavors like limonata, clementina and aranciata rossa, sanpellegrino sparkling fruit beverages capture the joy, freshness and zest of life. Cook ahead and be ready long before the members arrive. Traditional recipes with photos and videos to make them just like in the old country. From authentic italian fare to fun mashups, your guests are sure to rave about these recipes. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading italian finger food ideas. Spoon marinara onto bread, top with shredded mozzarella and mini pepperoni, sprinkle with dried parsley, and bake until bubbly. The kids like to thumb through it and pick new things to try and help make in the kitchen. Finger food type stuff for afternoon ladies book club.

Picking a complete makeahead menu for the night is a must, especially if you have a few more pages to read before the book club starts. Find all the best italian finger food recipes on food network. A rather lovely set of a4 display posters displaying key photographs of italian food. Sometimes the books theme or the era or setting in which the action takes place can help. Get one of our italian club finger sandwiches recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Keep the seasonings simple and the presentation casual to make some easy appetizers for a book club meeting.

English and italian finger sandwiches recipe valerie. Youre going to want to bookmark this list party finger foods snacks fur party easy snacks party party. Arancini, panelle, calzoni, frittelle, or any number of things. These finger foods also make great party foods, while the many spreads and toppings people put on crostini toasted bread also make great dips. A go to book for quick easy finger foods that kids like as well as adults by lac14 a go to book for quick easy finger foods that kids like as well as adults. On a work surface, spread out the bread and brush the oil and.

Feed a crowd with these quick and easy party snacks. Learn italian with exercises, easy readers and online lessons. Recipes italian finger foods enter your email to signup for the recipe newsletter recipes for pasta and other italian delights. Antipasto skewers are wonderful when you need to throw something yummy together in a pinch. Go one step beyond the usual wine, cheese and crackers with a menu that matches the theme of your book clubs latest selection. Learn how to cook great italian club finger sandwiches. Finger food is made to be shared with friends, but with an emphasis on simplicity and taste.

Whether youre adventuring abroad or daydreaming at home, dont forget to savor the flavors around you and enjoy every one of lifes sweet moments. Serve the group a simple and delicious meal, let the wine flowand theyll want to have every meeting at your house. Book club food appetizers snacks ideas for 2019 party finger foods, snacks fur party, easy snacks, party party, pizza appetizers, appetizers for party, appetizer recipes, thanksgiving appetizers, book club snacks. Dont let the food get in the way of the allimportant ending. Appetizers to hold everyone over til the turkeys done. The menu a little food and wine set the right tone for the evening. Fresh ingredients create eastern treats from dim sum to sushi. Made with ground turkey, white wine, and crushed tomatoes, its a flavor bomb. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Favorite italian finger and party foods the spruce eats. Choose the appetizers that fit your setting if youre meeting in a library, avoid messy snacks. This finger food idea takes plain potato skins and loads them up with a slightly spicy seasoning, bacon, tomato, green onion, and cheese.

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